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The 6 Best Places to Visit In Maui, Hawaii

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Maui is a beautiful, tropical paradise in the Pacific Ocean. If you’re planning a trip next year, then you should consider visiting Maui. It’s not just a vacation destination; it’s home to some of the best places to visit in all of Hawaii. When you’re on your Maui vacation, here are some of the top places to visit that won’t disappoint.

Wailea Beach Hawaii

Maui Beaches

If you’re looking for a nice beach to visit, then the best place to go is up north. The north shore has some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Hawaii. Honolua Bay is one of the most popular beaches, and it’s right on the coast. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, then try Haleakala Beach Park, which is located in Kahului. Another beach that’s great to visit is Keanae Beach Park. It’s a short boat ride away from Wailea Beach, where there are plenty of restaurants, shopping centers, and more.

Maui also has some amazing hikes that will take your breath away as well as some beautiful waterfalls to explore as well. You can go hiking at Waimoku Falls or on the trail at Makahiku Ridge Trail, which is one of the most popular trails in all of Maui.

Best Places to Visit In Maui, Hawaii

Hana Highway

One of the coolest experiences that you can have in Maui is exploring the Hana Highway. This scenic, winding road is 45 miles long and goes through the Hana Valley, where you’ll see beautiful waterfalls, lush tropical forests and lots of amazing views. You’ll have to stop along the way at Haleakala National Park for some spectacular views of the Big Island of Hawaii. Make sure to wear a helmet and drive safely!

Hana Highway Hawai

Wailea Beach

The beach in Wailea is a tranquil, white sand beach with a great view of the Pacific Ocean. The beach is also home to a number of restaurants and bars that you’ll want to visit. So grab your towel, umbrella, and sunscreen because it’s time to relax on one of the best beaches in Maui!

Kahului Airport

If you’re arriving on Maui, the Kahului Airport is the best place to start your adventure. People who are coming to Maui typically fly into this airport. From here, you’ll be able to take in all the sights and sounds of this amazing tropical paradise. There’s a large variety of shops located inside the airport that will have anything you need for your trip or make a great souvenir to bring home with you.


Kihei is a great place to visit on Maui. This beach town offers plenty of things to do and places to eat that will have you coming back for more. The best part about this location is that it’s not too far from the other spots on the island, so you can explore plenty of different parts of Maui.

Another great thing about Kihei is that it has an abundance of shops and restaurants, so you won’t have any trouble finding your way around. There are over 10 coffee shops in this area alone, with a variety of cuisines available as well. If you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing place with plenty to do and see in what seems like the middle of nowhere, then Kihei is the place for you.

Maui Beaches


You’ve probably already heard of Upcountry. It’s a mountain area on the main island that offers amazing views and an escape from crowds. The drive to Upcountry is beautiful, and the hike up to the top of the mountain won’t disappoint. Plus, there are tons of shops and restaurants along the way that offer great views of the surrounding area.

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